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Sacha Storto, is a French Artist, Dancer, Choreographer, and Art Director who currently resides in Los Angeles.

Her passion for the arts ignited at the age of 6, setting her on a lifelong journey dedicated to artistic expression.

By 12, Sacha's talent had earned her a coveted spot at the Superior Dance Academy Rosella Hightower, led by the esteemed prima ballerina Monique Loudieres of the French Opera. Excelling in ballet, pointe work, contemporary, modern, partnering, commercial dance, she graduated with Honors, honing her skills in various dance forms.

At 18, Sacha ventured to Paris, where her distinct abilities and innovative creative skills paved the way for international performances and global tours. Her professional evolution led her to New York City, where she embraced challenges and collaborated with renowned choreographers, showcasing her talents as both a choreographer and art director.

Sacha's international experiences enriched her artistic vision, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures she encountered. Her work embodies a harmonious blend of creativity and beauty, reflecting the richness found in cultural diversity.


Sacha's illustrious career includes performances with renowned entertainment companies like Cirque Du Soleil, Franco Dragone, Disney, and the Paris Opera Garnier.

In the fashion realm, Sacha boasts an impressive portfolio featuring commercials and fashion week shows for iconic brands such as Michael Kors, Moncler, M.A.C cosmetics, Adidas, Thierry Mugler, Shiseido, Phillip Plein, Pepsi, and Calor.

Working alongside esteemed choreographers like Ryan Heffington, Tanisha Scott, LUAM, Benoit Swan Pouffer, Jermaine Browne, Giuliano Peparini, Fred Talaksen, Jessica Castro, Sarah Ogleby, Tia Riviera, has been instrumental in shaping Sacha's artistry and creativity.

Her contributions extend beyond the stage, as she has served as an Associate Art Director and Movement Coach for prominent TV programs like Legendary on HBO MAX, The Voice, The Voice Kids, and Little Big Star in the Middle East. Additionally, Sacha's expertise as an assistant choreographer has been showcased in productions such as The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Romeo Santo's music video, Dacia UK commercial, and Miami Fashion Week.

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